Please see the list of meetings below, and click on the relevant one to be taken to a further screen.

If you are searching for a planning applications meeting, please click on Development Control Committee in the list below, or go
to either the 
Lowlands Area Planning Sub-Committee or the Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee page.

Papers for the
Miscellaneous Licensing Sub-Committee are accessible here and documents for Licensing hearings can be found from the following link: Licensing Panel 
The Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee is administered by the Oxfordshire County Council and information and meetings papers are available from the Oxfordshire County Council website

Agendas and reports are published to the website five clear working days before the meeting in question.

Minutes are published as soon as possible after the meeting in question, and at the latest when the agenda for the next meeting is published. Please note that minutes should be regarded as draft until they have been approved as a correct record at the next meeting of the Council, Cabinet or Committee/Sub-Committee, as the case may be. If any amendments are made to the draft the final version will be published as soon as possible.

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Current Committees

2020 Partnership Joint Committee2020 Partnership Joint Committee

2020 Partnership Joint Committee

Audit and General Purposes CommitteeAudit and General Purposes Committee

Audit and General Purposes Committee





Delegated DecisionsDelegated Decisions

Delegated Decisions

Development Control CommitteeDevelopment Control Committee

Development Control Committee

Economic & Social Overview and Scrutiny CommitteeEconomic & Social Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Economic & Social Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Environment Overview and Scrutiny CommitteeEnvironment Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Finance & Management Overview & Scrutiny CommitteeFinance & Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Finance & Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Human Resources CommitteeHuman Resources Committee

Human Resources Committee

Licensing CommitteeLicensing Committee

Licensing Committee

Oxfordshire Growth BoardOxfordshire Growth Board

Oxfordshire Growth Board

Oxfordshire Growth Board
Thames Valley Police and Crime PanelThames Valley Police and Crime Panel

Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel

Urgency CommitteeUrgency Committee

Urgency Committee

Historic Committees

Best Value SubBest Value Sub

Best Value Sub

Budget Review SubBudget Review Sub

Budget Review Sub

Dispensations Sub-CommitteeDispensations Sub-Committee

Dispensations Sub-Committee

Drivers LicensingDrivers Licensing

Drivers Licensing

Environment CommitteeEnvironment Committee

Environment Committee

Environment Contracts SubEnvironment Contracts Sub

Environment Contracts Sub

F&GP CommitteeF&GP Committee

F&GP Committee

F&GP Contracts SubF&GP Contracts Sub

F&GP Contracts Sub

Fees & Charges Sub CommitteeFees & Charges Sub Committee

Fees & Charges Sub Committee

General Purposes CommitteeGeneral Purposes Committee

General Purposes Committee

Housing CommitteeHousing Committee

Housing Committee

Housing Contracts SubHousing Contracts Sub

Housing Contracts Sub

Industry & Employment SubIndustry & Employment Sub

Industry & Employment Sub

Leisure & Tourism CommitteeLeisure & Tourism Committee

Leisure & Tourism Committee

Leisure & Tourism Contracts SubLeisure & Tourism Contracts Sub

Leisure & Tourism Contracts Sub

Oxfordshire Waste Partnership Joint CommitteeOxfordshire Waste Partnership Joint Committee

Oxfordshire Waste Partnership Joint Committee

PEL LicensingPEL Licensing

PEL Licensing

Planning CommitteePlanning Committee

Planning Committee

Policy CommitteePolicy Committee

Policy Committee

Rate Relief SubRate Relief Sub

Rate Relief Sub

Standards CommitteeStandards Committee

Standards Committee

Subscriptions & Donations SubSubscriptions & Donations Sub

Subscriptions & Donations Sub

Support for the Arts SubSupport for the Arts Sub

Support for the Arts Sub

Town Centre Sub CommitteeTown Centre Sub Committee

Town Centre Sub Committee

Waste Management SubWaste Management Sub

Waste Management Sub

WOSP Steering GroupWOSP Steering Group

WOSP Steering Group

Write Offs SubWrite Offs Sub

Write Offs Sub

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